Monday, February 2, 2009


I know...I'm behind on my writings. This blog business involves more effort than I bargained for...

I feel I need more organization in my life. Maybe writing out the day's schedule on a big eraser board...a carefully constructed grid that maps out my life to the exact minute.. There it is: 9 to 9:30--WRITE BLOG

But then I wonder whether humans are too structured sometimes. The days of doing things off the cuff seem a fanciful part of a now antiquated lifestyle. Who just gets up and goes any more? Especially those of us with families and approaching a certain age. I watch people in movies decide suddenly to fly to California or drive to the shore or even pop out for an after work drink, and I say to myself, "what kind of fantasyland is this?" I have family to meet, things to accomplish, blogs to write. No time for such spontaneity. These things must be planned out, man.

I look at my fictitious schedule on my fictitious eraser board and wonder if Steinbeck or Hemingway or Bill Shakespeare or even Sidney Sheldon actually made a conscious effort to set aside time for writing. You write when you feel it. And I guess that is how I will approach this blog. So we'll see you in April.

Just joshing...I can pencil you in a week from Thursday.